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Hang Time - Virtual Laser Level

4.0 ( 1690 ratings )
Utilitaires Style de vie
Développeur Fast Wombat, LLC
0.99 USD

Easily level and center picture frames with augmented reality!

Using the live video camera on your iPhone or iPod Touch, Hang Time virtually projects a self leveling laser line on your wall to make picture hanging a snap. No tape measure required!

To use, simply point your camera at the wall, and drag out the area you want to center the picture on. Hang time will show you the exact center of the region. Next, adjust the height of the laser level and have a helper mark the spot.


• virtual laser level keeps things straight
• find the center of any wall
• shows 1/3 and 2/3 lines to evenly space multiple pictures

Please note, for best results use the built in calibration tool. This easy process will ensure the virtual laser level is perfectly level.

This application works on all iPhone and iPod Touch models which have a video camera.